Finslap Active designs emerge from own personal oceans experiences and captured moments, joining forces to create designs that are born from the sea.


Throughout the northern winter, huge schools of herring are followed into the Norway’s arctic fjords by pods of hungry orcas. This feeding activity loosens the herring’s scales which float suspended in the sea mimicking shimmery snowflakes, turning the underwater realm in to a just-shaken snowglobe of #orcasome #orcamagic

PRINT NAME - #Orcasome
COLOURS - #FjordGreen 

THE HUMPBACK pareidolia

Humpback tail flukes are as individual as our fingerprints – each one is completely unique. With complete control they flick their tails, and the trailing edges create a most spectacular display of bubbles, vortexes and underwater clouds in which you could lose yourself in happily for days. Simply magic.

COLOURS - #WhaletiniWhite

A Rays, Rays and More Rays

Never before had we seen a spectacular scene such as this – rays of many species all huddled together while sharks keep an ominous lookout above. Was it safety in numbers? Or do rays and sharks hang out together on the bottom of the sea floor regularly? Whatever the reason— it was definitely an invite-only club.

PRINT NAME - #feverpitch
COLOURS - #BlueRay #XRay