We are ocean advocates, who draw: inspiration, life’s experiences, stability and strength from this liquid blue room which is continually giving

Finslap Active h2o are environmentally conscious, stylish and high quality leisure wear. That will be with you through any adventure you choose from ocean to land and even through the urban jungle.  We source the best ethical, eco-conscious materials and support real conservation. 

Look and feel amazing while knowing you are being eco-smart and showing your passion and advocacy of the wonderment that mother nature beholds. Advanced technology has created innovative and smart features including chlorine and salt resistant fabric and UPF 50+ to give you a high level of protection from the elements and stingers while being lightweight, quick drying. Our designs are functional and super comfortable allowing you to see ready and active any adventure such as sailing, kayaking, kiting, snorkeling, running, pilates, scuba diving, hiking, the gym, acro, whale swimming and much more, even just having coffee and cake with friends.

Our prints/patterns are unique and have been created through world renowned photographer Jasmine Carey. The colours and design will forever inspire nature lovers to embrace and support each other with positive changes and advocacy for the ocean and planet Earth. Finslap Active H2O allows you to make better choices for the environment and drive change for the better. 

Inspire, catch your dreams, make positive conscious changes, be active, be mindful and continue living your life’s adventures…

Jasmine Carey 
founder / designer
@pxlexplorer | jasminecarey.com.au

Steph Blinkhorne
textile graphic designer / artist